What Og Mandino means by saying that you possess a potent force:

You should have the highest vision possible for your business because if your vision:

Once again, Og Mandino mentions the importance of being grateful for and counting:

If you can make a habit out of counting your blessings every morning

Feeling sorry for yourself or wallowing in self-pity really is the worst:

We start out in business all keen and full of energy:

When it comes to success in business, there has to be action taking place:

One of the habits of successful people that we can learn from is:

One of the important personal strengths you should focus on:

As a Self Employed business owner you must find your passion:

Your journey to achieve your dreams in life will be fun if you develop a routine:

The foundation of successful leadership of people is self-management:

You need commitment to make decisions and take action to implement it:

We are created with the abilities to perform and achieve success in live:

The cost to achieve success is much more affordable than the expenses of failure:

To achieve success is something that you must keep on working every day:

A positive attitude is a key component of entrepreneurial success in today’s competitive work space:

The habits of successful people are numerous. They are highly disciplined visionaries:

Successful people cultivate the habit of positive self-speak. Instead of being discouraged:

When you study the habits of successful people you’ll find dedication:

A positive attitude is essential to a winning attitude! It is said that nothing succeeds like success:

The habits of successful people include a commitment to excellence at all times:

Never, never give up! We hear that so often and it sounds so simple:

Madiba is one of the best examples in a leader of a positive attitude, courage:

Surround yourself with people with a positive attitude who are solutions orientated:

Habits of successful people include the ability to always strive for optimum performance:

One of the habits of successful people is to spend time in careful preparation:

Words of wisdom to live by for sure! This statement highlights the importance:

One of the habits of successful people is the way in which they deal:

What an inspirational thought by a legendary leader who brought:

What a beautiful universal lesson learned in life! We all need people around us

A pessimist simply does not view the world through the eyes of possibility:

The habits of successful people include the ability to remain optimistic in their thinking:

Successful people have the habit of continually learning and improving:

In facing and overcoming obstacles you will always face the challenge:

A strong and disciplined mind is essential to being a great entrepreneur:

One of the habits of successful people that will serve us well to take notice of:

One of the habits of successful people we’re reminded of in this quote: