There is a difference between being humble and hiding your talent:

There is a lot to be said for marching to the beat of your own drum:

Feeling sorry for yourself or wallowing in self-pity really is the worst:

It is impossible for everyone to know everything there is to know:

In saying weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions

Mother Theresa actually challenges us to apply a very dramatic attitude change:

As a self-employed person make sure you make a necessary attitude change:

It is interesting that this quote also brings us to face yet another attitude change:

These inspiring words of wisdom remind us that the opinion we have about something:

To be a philosopher you must have curiosity about the world:

It takes a necessary attitude change and mind set to enjoy less:

Socrates implores us to apply a dramatic attitude change first, to be a better person:

Everyone has different misfortunes in different amounts. With our personal strengths:

We all have a picture in our heads of how we think our lives:

Socrates challenges us to apply a dramatic attitude change which helps us to focus:

A necessary quality about finding your purpose is that if you are self-reliant:

Maintaining a positive attitude towards your work will also mean:

As a Self Employed business owner you must find your passion:

Each of us irrespective of our circumstance do have things in life:

Have a positive attitude and tell people what they can do and do well:

Sometimes we need an attitude change in order to significantly increase our chances:

One of the most important lessons learned in life is that your WHY is more important:

Peace of mind is often a result of our ability to distill meaning from unique life experiences:

If you desire to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need an attitude change to challenges:

An attitude change can be painful, yet liberating! For the most part:

A positive attitude is high octane fuel for sustained success - especially in today’s extremely competitive:

We gain a certain peace of mind when we discover the importance of living:

In the process of finding your purpose, you will discover the importance of caring :

Such a simple yet powerful statement! Are you in need of an attitude change:

Great words of wisdom from a truly great leader who only became successful:

Churchill’s inspirational thoughts are so relevant to the space in which an entrepreneur:

To be truly successful you will need to change your attitude towards the feedback:

For self-employed people it is extremely important to consider the power of habit:

How important is the pursuit of excellence in the process of achieving your dreams:

When last have you have been challenged to have an attitude change:

Sometimes we simply have to make the sacrifice and do what is necessary to achieve:

Apply a bold attitude change and take up the challenge: