How do we want to make a contribution to your future?

How do we want to make a contribution to your future. Your journey to achieve your dreams is and will be a very lonely journey with many obstacles and unforeseen circumstances that will get into your way and may prevent you from achieving your dreams" href="/famous_quotes/to-improve-is-to-change-so-to-be-perfect/">achieving your dreams to life a really fulfilled life.

  • I want to give these lonely travellers daily inspiration with quotations from others that have travelled this lonely road and have been able to succeed. Learn from them.
  • My uplifting quotes will support you on this journey with daily inspirational ideas to motivate you to not surrender and to “never never give up" href="/famous_quotes/this-is-the-lesson-never-give-in/">never give up” irrespective of the circumstance surrounding you.
  • We have even gone one step further in supporting you by adding a practical and unique lesson learned from the quote, on the meaning of such a quote to support the self employed on his daily journey to success. This is a lesson to think about and apply in your business.
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How to get the most benefits from reading quotes?

How to get the most benefits from reading quotes: Quotes are very concentrated thoughts of wisdom. They help build experience and while they are physically written in words they come out live in the imagination of the reader thus having the power to impart a wide variety of experiences to the reader  To get the most benefits from these thoughts ask the following questions when reading a quote;
  • Why did the writer use these words?
  • What message is the writer trying to convey in this message?
  • What do these words or message mean to the writer?
  • How did the writer use this message in his/her life?
  • How to read a quote:
    • Concentrate and understand the thinking behind the quote.
    • Re-read the quote until the meaning behind the words is fully understood.
    • Read a quote between the lines to get to a deeper understanding of the quote.
  • Read quotes more than once:
    • Print and put them at prominent places and re-read them several times.
    • In this way the quote will become part of your sub-conscious mind and change habits, behaviour and attitude.
  • Use quote to inspire other people:
    • Send quotes and the lessons your have learned from them to your friends or via the social media to have a positive influence on the lives of other people.

Why should you love reading quotes?

Why should you love reading quotes, because:Quotes are drops of wisdom from people that have experienced certain facets of life and have put them into words. Kipling said: “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind”.

These concentrated thoughts of wisdom can have valuable lessons for your life.

  • They can help you understand life better by learning from the practical experiences of the writer.
  • These lessons have the power to inspire, to motivate, to uplift, to awaken hope, faith and inner strength.
  • The changes they have on the sub-conscious mind can help you to change your attitude, develop new habits, and open new opportunities in life or business.
  • Reading these quotes with concentration will make you think about your life, your circumstances and your goals. This can help you in getting a better perspective on your present circumstances and assist you in seeing new opportunities in life, your business and think and act out of the box.