A positive attitude is a key component of entrepreneurial success in today’s competitive work space:

Personal strengths can be used as very effective directional signs to help us navigate:

Never, never give up! There will be days that you’re not performing:

Never, never give up! It should be the motto of every entrepreneur:

Finding your purpose in life is probably the most exhilarating experience:

There are many Words of Wisdom about team effectiveness:

The habits of successful people are numerous. They are highly disciplined visionaries:

It is one of those lessons learned in life that only in looking back:

Sometimes we need an attitude change in order to significantly increase our chances:

I am captain but so many other players are captain

Personal strengths in action give individuals energy and excitement to achieve their goals:

Successful people cultivate the habit of positive self-speak. Instead of being discouraged:

In order to achieve your dreams you have to continually ‘sharpen the saw’:

In finding your purpose it is essential to determine what is really important to you:

Lessons learned in life are invaluable on your journey as an entrepreneur: