Confucius Quotes emphasis the importance of good planning for success:

Confucius emphasizes the importance that man must think and learn:

During a night without a moon or stars it will be pitch black:

Confucius quotes The man who moves a mountain, Every big venture has started with a small step:

You have untapped talents, skills, strengths and personal potential. Realize it:

Consider the three noble qualities of a man to be his ability to apply knowledge:

Your success as a Self Employed person will not be determined by:

Wisdom is the proper use of knowledge. Knowledge that is applied in such a way:

If you determine your passion and find a job to out live your passion:

Confucius quotes teach us not to do anything half hearted. Be committed and determined:

Each business owner must have goals he wants to achieve in his personal and business life:

We do need courage to do or say the correct things if faced with it:

You will be blessed in life if you follow these three simple steps:

If you want to be an admirable man then what you speak must be in accordance to you actions:

You should be ashamed if you are not talking the truth:

Nobody can disguise his deeper inner reasons for doing something:

Many people are afraid of making a fool of themselves by asking a question:

The man who uses his knowledge properly will know what to do:

One of the most challenging situations any businessman will be facing: