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Without goals and plans | Achieve your dreams

Without goals and plans for your business, you do not know where you:
How much of your talent have been wasted | Attitude change

There is a difference between being humble and hiding your talent:
The greatest power that a person possesses is | Personal strengths

One of the things that sets human beings apart from other life forms:
You possess a potent force that you either use | Habits of successful people

What Og Mandino means by saying that you possess a potent force:
All that you accomplish or fail to | Inspirational thoughts

You probably have heard the saying, for every action, there is a reaction:
Many of us spend our lives searching for | Lessons learned in life

It is quite true to say that many of us spend our lives searching:
You cannot rise above the level | Achieve your dreams

You should have the highest vision possible for your business because if your vision:
The only qualification for success is that | Achieve your dreams

After all, there is no-one else in this whole world who is exactly like you:
To succeed means that you may have to step | Attitude change

There is a lot to be said for marching to the beat of your own drum:
Count your blessings not your troubles | Achieve your dreams

Once again, Og Mandino mentions the importance of being grateful for and counting:
The habit I formed of counting my blessings | The power of habit

If you can make a habit out of counting your blessings every morning
Feeling sorry for yourself | The power of habit

Feeling sorry for yourself or wallowing in self-pity really is the worst:
No one else can live your life for you | Achieve your dreams

You are the one who is in charge of your own life:
Men dont fail they give up trying | Positive attitude

In business one must never stop tying and you must never:
We first make our habits and then | The power of habit

It might sound strange to say that we first make our habits
Competition will always place your life | Finding your purpose

In business, instead of doing the same thing as your competitors are doing, you should:
Very often we are our own worst enemy | Positive attitude

Why is it that we insist on building stumbling blocks along our part to success:
Often it is not the wrong start | Personal strengths

We start out in business all keen and full of energy:
Only action determines my value | Achieve your dreams

When it comes to success in business, there has to be action taking place:
Whatever the mind of man can conceive | Words of wisdom

This is quite possibly one of the best words of wisdom:
Count your blessings Once you realize how | Positive attitude

We humans are very good at moaning and complaining about our lot in life
Cherish each hour of this day for it can | Words of wisdom

OG Madino reminds us to live each day with a positive attitude and as if it were our last:
Wealth is good when it brings joy | Inspirational thoughts

Wealth is good when it brings joy to others is one of those:
I will persist until I succeed | Achieve your dreams

I will persist until I succeed is a similar statement to a previous quote:
The only certain means of success is to | Lessons learned in life

Just like the quote that spoke about always doing your best:
Obstacles are necessary for success because | Achieve your dreams

You are probably wondering what OG Mandino could possibly mean by saying:
He who worries about calamities suffers | Positive attitude

What OG Mandino is really telling us to do is not to worry:
The secret of success is to triple your rate | Achieve your dreams

It is only through failing at something that we really learn:
Today I begin a new life | Finding your purpose

By telling us that today I begin a new life, Og Mandino is not telling us
I will greet this day with love in my heart | Peace of mind

I will greet each day with love in my heart as this is the way:
My dreams are worthless my plans are dust | Personal strengths

By saying that my dreams are worthless, my plans are dust:
Always do your best | Achieve your dreams

I’ m sure all of us have, at some stage of our lives, been told:
Failure will never overtake me if my | Personal Strengths

There is nothing that drives a human being as hard as the determination:
Take the attitude of a student | Attitude change

It is impossible for everyone to know everything there is to know:
Today will never happen again | Positive attitude

It is a true fact of life that today will never happen again:
Wealth my son should never be your goal | Finding your purpose

Og Mandino is not saying that you shouldn’t be motivated to earn money:
A smile remains the most inexpensive gift | Positive attitude

A smile is said to be the most inexpensive gift because it is:
Never feel shame for trying and failing | Never, never give up

There is no shame in failing at something. Only in never trying to do anything
Weak is he who permits his thoughts | Inspirational thoughts

In saying weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions
Your only limitations are those you set | Positive attitude

We all know that our thoughts determine our reality and we understand:
Every defeat every heartbreak every loss | Lessons learned in life

Although defeat, heartbreak and loss are admittedly very hard to take:
I will love the light for it shows me the | Positive attitude

Og Mandino reminds us that we should embrace both the light:
Be faithful in small things because it is | Personal strengths

One of the most important personal strengths you should have as an entrepreneur is:
We think sometimes that poverty is only | Attitude change

Mother Theresa actually challenges us to apply a very dramatic attitude change:
We ourselves feel that what we are doing | Words of wisdom

Mother Theresa’s words of wisdom about personal contributions, regardless of how great:
If you cannot feed a hundred people | Inspirational thoughts

One of the most beautiful souls who ever walked this earth:
If you want a love message to be heard | Positive attitude

A positive attitude requires an unquenchable passion and a caring heart:
If we have no peace it is because | Peace of mind

To achieve peace of mind we have to occupy a space where we can find satisfaction
I alone cannot change the world | Lessons learned in life

Our impact on others and the ripple effect of our efforts are important:
Yesterday is gone Tomorrow has not | Attitude change

As a self-employed person make sure you make a necessary attitude change:
Kind words can be short and easy | Inspirational thoughts

Let these words be an inspirational thought for you. Mother Theresa understood:
Even the rich are hungry for love | Lessons learned in life

This is a powerful lesson learned in life by the ever gracious and loving Mother Theresa:
The biggest disease today is not leprosy | Words of wisdom

Mother Theresa would identifies a feeling of being unwanted as a disease:
I can do things you cannot | Achieve your dreams

If you are truly focused and committed to achieve your dreams and do what it takes:
Do small things with great love | Positive attitude

Surely this must be one of Mother Theresa’s most well-known quotes:
Without patience we will learn less in life | Positive attitude

We are so rushed in our daily lives that even the thought of being patient:
Life is a challenge we must take it | Never, never give up

An inspirational thought on never giving up by a generous and gracious lady:
I would rather make mistakes in kindness | Attitude change

It is interesting that this quote also brings us to face yet another attitude change:
What you spend years building may be | Achieve your dreams

Think back to the time when you started off on this exciting:
We cannot live better than in seeking to | Finding your purpose

Ethics, or morality, is a system of principles that helps us to tell right from wrong:
It is better to change an opinion than to | Words of wisdom

These inspiring words of wisdom remind us that the opinion we have about something:
We must never be afraid to be a sign | Finding your purpose

An exciting thing about finding your purpose is that you will experience:
If we worry too much about ourselves | Peace of mind

Worrying about what people think of us or about our own lives:
The best way to succeed in life is to act | Achieve your dreams

What do you need to achieve your dreams for your business and personal life:
Give the world the best you have | Peace of mind

Your ability to work to your maximum capacity as far a possible will give you peace of mind:
Be happy in the moment thats enough | Positive attitude

We believe that having a positive attitude and focus on the importance of each moment:
Reach high for stars lie hidden in | Achieve your dreams

You have started off on this exciting road to achieve your dreams:
If I look at the mass I will never act | Personal strengths

Do you ever feel that there are so many needs out there:
Do not wait for leaders do it alone | Overcoming obstacles

This is such an empowering and liberating statement by Mother Theresa:
Life is an opportunity benefit from it | Inspirational thought

This inspirational thought by Mother Theresa almost needs no further expanding on:
Discipline is the bridge between goals | Achieve your dreams

In order to achieve your dreams focus and discipline in your daily routine:
The only true wisdom is in knowing you | Words of wisdom

Socrates wants us to know through his words of wisdom:
I cannot teach anybody anything | Lessons learned in life

Socrates quotes this example of lessons learned in life by saying:
People are often unreasonable and self | Words of wisdom

These words of wisdom by Mother Theresa force us to reflect on whether:
He who is not contented with what he has | Peace of mind

Socrates gives us peace of mind about the battle between contentment and desire:
Wonder is the beginning of wisdom | Words of wisdom

To be a philosopher you must have curiosity about the world:
Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting | Inspirational thoughts

By being humane and doing good deeds to humanity is an inspirational thought:
Strong minds discuss ideas average minds | Personal strengths

Strong minded people discuss ideas to solve problems and change the world:
The secret of happiness you see is not | Attitude change

It takes a necessary attitude change and mind set to enjoy less:
Let him who would move the world first | Attitude change

Socrates implores us to apply a dramatic attitude change first, to be a better person:
Prefer knowledge to wealth for the one | Achieve your dreams

If you are committed to achieve your dreams then seek ways to expand:
True wisdom comes to each of us when | Peace of mind

Socrates gives us peace of mind by observing that real wisdom transcends human understanding:
The really important thing is not to live | Achieve your dreams

Live honourably and rightly for your journey to achieve your dreams:
If all our misfortunes were laid in one | Personal strengths

Everyone has different misfortunes in different amounts. With our personal strengths:
The easiest and noblest way is not to | Positive attitude

Socrates concludes that it is dishonourable to disrespect your fellow man:
Virtue does not come from wealth | Peace of mind

Socrates inspires us through his peace of mind that the good we desire:
The highest realms of thought are | Words of wisdom

These words of wisdom by Socrates tells us, that people have their own opinions:
To be is to do | Finding your purpose

By finding your purpose in life, this quote illustrates that if you choose:
When you want wisdom and insight as badly | Personal strengths

All business people strive for the attainment of such personal strengths as wisdom:
What screws us up the most in life is the | Positive attitude

We all have a picture in our heads of how we think our lives:
He is not only idle who does nothing | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose in life by having or showing care and conscientiousness:
The secret of change is to focus all your | Attitude change

Socrates challenges us to apply a dramatic attitude change which helps us to focus:
To find yourself think for yourself | Finding your purpose

A necessary quality about finding your purpose is that if you are self-reliant:
Remember no human condition is ever | Never, never give up

Socrates agrees that we should never, never give up. It’s often said:
Employ your time in improving yourself | Habits of successful people

One of the habits of successful people that we can learn from is:
The only good is knowledge | Words of wisdom

These wonderful words of wisdom remind us that knowledge is power:
Better do a little well than a great deal badly | Positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude towards your work will also mean:
I do not care what people say about me | Personal strengths

One of the important personal strengths you should focus on:
Remember that there is nothing stable | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose is a most exciting and fulfilling experience in life:
Wind buffs up empty bladders | Words of wisdom

In this inspirational quote, Socrates is warning us through his words of wisdom:
What you cannot enforce do not command | Personal strengths

Your personal strengths are unique to you and yet you can cultivate certain habits:
Contentment is natural wealth | Words of wisdom

Great words of wisdom from a truly unique philosopher that inspires us:
Success depends upon previous preparation|Achieve your dreams

Confucius Quotes emphasis the importance of good planning for success:
He who learns but does not think is lost | Words of wisdom

Confucius emphasizes the importance that man must think and learn:
Ignorance is the night of the mind | Words of wisdom

During a night without a moon or stars it will be pitch black:
Unless you dream, you’re not going to achieve | Achieve your dreams

Every business start with an idea. Your business idea must become your dream:
A business is simply an idea to make other | Attitude change

As a Self Employed business owner you must find your passion:
Screw it, Let’s do it | Achieve your dreams

Sir Richard Branson quote Screw it because he had a dream for his future:
There is no greater thing you can do with | Peace of mind

If you dream as a Self Employed individual is only to make money:
What you get by reaching your destination | Self-employed success

The destination of your journey to success is about yourself :
Motivation gets you going and habit gets you | Achieve your dreams

Your journey to achieve your dreams in life will be fun if you develop a routine:
Characteristic for success if you recognize | You can achieve

You do have the talents, the skills, the personal strengths:
Goal-reaching principle is to understand | Achieve your dreams

Your big dreams must have small reachable targets or goals:
You must manage yourself before you can | The foundation of successful

The foundation of successful leadership of people is self-management:
Obstacles are the things we see when | Overcoming obstacles

A goal must be something worthwhile you are trying to achieve in life:
The door to a balanced success opens widest | Achieve your dreams

Your chances of being successful in life will be much greater:
The more you express gratitude for what | Change your attitude

Each of us irrespective of our circumstance do have things in life:
The quality of a persons life is in direct | Achieve your dreams

You will need commitment in doing your best and striving for excellence:
Character gets you out of bed | You need commitment

You need commitment to make decisions and take action to implement it:
Man was designed for accomplishment | Achieve your dreams

We are created with the abilities to perform and achieve success in live:
You enhance your chances for success | Understand your unique desires

Realize and understand your unique desires, passion and aspiration:
Don’t be distracted by criticism | Personal strengths

Learn how to react to criticism. Positive and constructive criticism can assist you:
People have no idea of what they can do | Positive attitude

Have a positive attitude and tell people what they can do and do well:
The price of success is much lower | Inspirational thoughts

The cost to achieve success is much more affordable than the expenses of failure:
You enjoy the benefits of success | The biggest benefits of success

The biggest benefits of success are the self actualization and energizing :
Success is one thing you can’t pay for | To achieve success

To achieve success is something that you must keep on working every day:
I consider myself to be privileged | Positive attitude

A positive attitude is a key component of entrepreneurial success in today’s competitive work space:
I’m a strong person, I’m a strong family man | Personal strengths

Personal strengths can be used as very effective directional signs to help us navigate:
I’ve been given a talent which can’t disappear | Never, never give up

Never, never give up! There will be days that you’re not performing:
Always big questions are asked when a club | Never, never give up!

Never, never give up! It should be the motto of every entrepreneur:
My life here is perfect and I’m happy | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose in life is probably the most exhilarating experience:
We have got great individuals but this team | Words of Wisdom

There are many Words of Wisdom about team effectiveness:
The secret of the teams success is easy | Habits of successful people

The habits of successful people are numerous. They are highly disciplined visionaries:
Hindsight is a wonderful thing | Lessons learned in life

It is one of those lessons learned in life that only in looking back:
People don’t think I’ve got the brains | Attitude change

Sometimes we need an attitude change in order to significantly increase our chances:
I am captain but so many other players are | Peace of mind

I am captain but so many other players are captain
We are in form. When we make the most of | Personal strengths

Personal strengths in action give individuals energy and excitement to achieve their goals:
People react to criticism in different ways | Habits of successful people

Successful people cultivate the habit of positive self-speak. Instead of being discouraged:
Ever more people today have the means | Lessons learned in life

One of the most important lessons learned in life is that your WHY is more important:
We can discover the meaning in life in three | Peace of mind

Peace of mind is often a result of our ability to distill meaning from unique life experiences:
I still look at myself and want to improve | Achieve your dreams

In order to achieve your dreams you have to continually ‘sharpen the saw’:
Everyone has his own specific vocation | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose has a lot to do with discovering and celebrating your own uniqueness:
Each man is questioned by life and he can | Personal strengths

If taking responsibility is one of your personal strengths, you will know:
What man actually needs are not a | Attitude change

If you desire to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need an attitude change to challenges:
For the meaning of life differs from man | Lessons learned in life

What gives your life meaning now? One of the most important lessons learned in life is:
When we are no longer able to change | Attitude change

An attitude change can be painful, yet liberating! For the most part:
The meaning of our existence is not invented | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose is essential to becoming successful in self-employment :
Those who have a why to live for | Finding your purpose

The inspirational message for the self employed from this quote is:
Everything can be taken from a man but one | Positive attitude

A positive attitude is high octane fuel for sustained success - especially in today’s extremely competitive:
The difference between a successful person | The power of habit

Consider the power of habit. It is said that you are what you repeatedly do:
The price of success is hard work, dedication | Habits of successful people

When you study the habits of successful people you’ll find dedication:
Leaders aren’t born they are made | Achieve your dreams

To achieve your dreams you have to be willing to pay the price for success.:
The greatest accomplishment is not in never | Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming obstacles with courage, positivity and enthusiasm results in much needed momentum:
Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time | Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is essential to a winning attitude! It is said that nothing succeeds like success:
The quality of a persons life is in direct | Habits of successful people

The habits of successful people include a commitment to excellence at all times:
Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit | Never, never give up

Never, never give up! We hear that so often and it sounds so simple:
It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have | Achieve your dreams

In order to achieve your dreams you have to continually visualise yourself:
The real glory is being knocked to your knees | Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles can and should be a positive challenge for you:
We would accomplish many more things | Positive attitude

A positive attitude means that you simply refuse to accept defeat:
It always seems impossible until it’s done | Positive attitude

Madiba is one of the best examples in a leader of a positive attitude, courage:
What counts in life is not the mere fact | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose not only has to do with discovering:
Courage was not the absence of fear | Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles requires the ability to break through perceived barriers around us:
We must use time wisely and forever realize | Words of wisdom

Inspiring words of wisdom by a truly great leader! We are encouraged:
To be free is not merely to cast off one’s | Positive attitude

A positive attitude is essential to how we view and respect others around us:
Good head and good heart are always | Personal strengths

We all have inherent personal strengths to discover and unique skills to develop:
After climbing a great hill, one only finds | Overcoming Obstacles

It is possible to develop an appetite for overcoming obstacles in life:
Mans goodness is a flame that can be hidden | Inspirational thoughts

What an inspirational thought by a legendary leader! To what an extent are you convinced:
There is no passion to be found playing small | Achieve your dreams

What do you need to be motivated to achieve your dreams? Are you possibly holding back:
Our human compassion binds us the one to | Words of wisdom

Madiba inspires us through these profound words of wisdom to value our interconnectedness :
My interest in life comes from setting myself | Finding your purpose

The creation of something new through the implementation of your business ideas:
Ridiculous yachts and private planes | Finding your purpose

You will not be proud of yourself if you are involved in a business:
I am fundamentally an optimist. From nature | Positive attitude

I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture:
You want to create something you’re proud of | Set high targets

Richard Branson quotes teach us to set high targets, to dream big:
We would love to be involved with the creation | Inspirational thoughts

The importance of three crucial things of the business success for the self employed:
Difficulties break some men but make others | Never, never give up

Never, never give up and don’t ever lose hope, even if you’re in a seemingly hopeless situation:
Entrepreneurship is about turning what | Achieve your dreams

The Self Employed must have an entrepreneurial instinct to succeed:
My definition of success? The more you are | Success through involvement

Success for Richard Branson is through involvement. Only through personal involvement:
Everyone can rise above their circumstances | Overcoming obstacles

Great leaders teach us what a critical role overcoming obstacles play in sustained success:
I can honestly say that I have never gone | Peace of mind

Teach us the importance of three crucial things for business success:
It is only by being bold that you get anywhere | Personal strengths

Do not hesitate to make bold decisions. It is important to realize:
You learn by doing, and by falling over | Learn by making mistakes

You will never be successful in business if you are only a follower:
Do not judge me by my successes, judge | Achieve your dreams

In order to achieve your dreams you need absolute bulldog tenacity:
Sometimes adversity is what you need to face | Overcoming obstacles

Success is not a destination. Success is a journey. It is a journey we are travelling:
The real opportunity for success lies within | Self employed success

Your success depends on yourself, not the circumstances, your job:
I like friends who have independent minds | Positive attitude

Surround yourself with people with a positive attitude who are solutions orientated:
The man who moves a mountain begins | Achieve your dreams

Confucius quotes The man who moves a mountain, Every big venture has started with a small step:
When people are determined they can | Personal strengths

Being determined and focused are key personal strengths that will give you:
The will to win, the desire to succeed | Personal strengths

You have untapped talents, skills, strengths and personal potential. Realize it:
Wisdom Compassion and Courage are | Personal Strenghts

Consider the three noble qualities of a man to be his ability to apply knowledge:
Our greatest glory is not in ever falling | Inspirational thoughts

Your success as a Self Employed person will not be determined by:
Nearly all men can stand adversity | Lessons learned in life

One of the lessons learned in life is that our ability:
There are three methods of gaining wisdom | Words of wisdom

Wisdom is the proper use of knowledge. Knowledge that is applied in such a way:
Choose a job you love, and you will never | Peace of mind

If you determine your passion and find a job to out live your passion:
I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be | Lessons learned in life

This truly great leader teaches us the importance of personal integrity:
Wherever you go go with all your heart | Be committed and determined

Confucius quotes teach us not to do anything half hearted. Be committed and determined:
When it is obvious that the goals cannot be | Words of Wisdom

Each business owner must have goals he wants to achieve in his personal and business life:
You cannot fool all the people all the time | Words of wisdom

Such true words of wisdom! This statement highlights the importance of being true:
Faced with what is right, to leave it undone | Words of wisdom

We do need courage to do or say the correct things if faced with it:
Speak the truth, do not yield to anger | Peace of mind

You will be blessed in life if you follow these three simple steps:
God is always right. To be on God’s side | Peace of mind

What a wonderful, inspiring statement, offering true peace of mind and a delightful perspective:
The superior man acts before he speaks| Lessons learned in life

If you want to be an admirable man then what you speak must be in accordance to you actions:
My great concern is not whether you have | Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles is simply part of our journey in life and especially in our businesses:
A gentleman would be ashamed should his | Peace of mind

You should be ashamed if you are not talking the truth:
I do the very best I know how | Habits of successful people

Habits of successful people include the ability to always strive for optimum performance:
Look at the means which a man employs | Lessons learned in life

Nobody can disguise his deeper inner reasons for doing something:
The man who asks a question is a fool for | Peace of mind

Many people are afraid of making a fool of themselves by asking a question:
The man of wisdom is never of two minds | Words of wisdom

The man who uses his knowledge properly will know what to do:
To know what you know and what you do | Peace of mind

One of the most challenging situations any businessman will be facing:
Some achieve great success, is proof to all | Self-employed success

You can achieve self-employed success because you have huge potential to create, build:
I do not think much of a man who is not wiser | Words of wisdom

These inspiring words of wisdom reminds us of a great truth:
Folks are usually about as happy as they| Positive attitude

Never a truer word spoken about the power of a positive attitude:
Whatever you are, be a good one | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences in life:
It is not the years in your life that count | Peace of mind

We gain a certain peace of mind when we discover the importance of living:
Bear in mind that your own resolution | Achieve your dreams

In order to achieve your dreams you have to make a commitment to yourself :
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool | Lessons learned in life

Most definitely a critical lesson learned in life! Fools speak before thinking:
When I am getting ready to reason with | Habits of successful people

One of the habits of successful people is to spend time in careful preparation:
You cannot escape the responsibility | Personal strengths

One of the most critical personal strengths you should focus on:
If I had eight hours to chop down a tree | Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom to live by for sure! This statement highlights the importance:
Strive to be worthy of recognition | Habits of successful people

One of the habits of successful people is the way in which they deal:
Money will not create success | Words of wisdom

Take heed of these words of wisdom… Money is a means to an end:
The human body has an enormous | Positive attitude

A positive attitude was one of the enduring qualities which kept Nelson Mandela strong:
A fundamental concern for others | Finding your purpose

In the process of finding your purpose, you will discover the importance of caring :
If you want to make peace with your enemy | Inspirational thoughts

What an inspirational thought by a legendary leader who brought:
Nothing can be done without hope | Positive attitude

Hope is central to having a positive attitude. It truly sparks essential energy for life:
Keep your face to the sunshine and you | Achieve your dreams

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your dreams:
Although the world is full of suffering | Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles consistently and with a winning attitude is a wonderful source:
I have come to accept that if I have | Finding your purpose

In finding your purpose it is essential to determine what is really important to you:
The intrusion and the invasion into my life | Lessons learned in life

Lessons learned in life are invaluable on your journey as an entrepreneur:
Do not think of todays failures | Self-employed success

Your focus on achieving self-employed success has largely to do with your determination:
Many persons have a wrong idea of | Achieve your dreams

It is interesting that our idea of what happiness looks like is inextricably linked:
Walking with a friend in the dark is better | Lesson learned in life

What a beautiful universal lesson learned in life! We all need people around us
No pessimist ever discovered the secret | Positive attitude

A pessimist simply does not view the world through the eyes of possibility:
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing | Positive Attitude

The energy you get from approaching your business with a positive attitude:
Character cannot be developed in ease | Overcoming obstacles

When you are in the process of overcoming obstacles in your personal life:
Optimism is the faith that leads to | Positive attitude

When a positive attitude is one of the tools in your self-employment toolbox:
We could never learn to be brave and patient | Lessons learned in life

A very important lesson learned in life is the value of thoroughly processing:
People do not like to think | Power of habit

Our thought processes impact how we function. Without realizing it:
Marvelous richness of human experience | Never, never give up

As an entrepreneur you will learn how important it is to simply never, never give up:
Your success and happiness lies in you | Self employed success

Your self-employed success will be determined by you. Resolve to fully enjoy your business:
The most pathetic person in the world | Achieve your dreams

What a powerful statement by a truly remarkable lady! It strongly relates to achieving your dreams:
As selfishness and complaint pervert | Achieving your dreams

As you work towards achieving your dreams, you need to be aware of the impact:
It is for us to pray not for tasks equal | Finding your purpose

The exciting thing about finding your purpose in life is the realization that only you can:
The man who thinks he can and the man | Habits of successful people

The habits of successful people include the ability to remain optimistic in their thinking:
Anyone who stops learning is old | Habits of successful people

Successful people have the habit of continually learning and improving:
My best friend is the one who brings out | Words of wisdom

What wonderful words of wisdom and how blessed we are when we have someone:
Failure is simply an opportunity to begin | Overcoming obstacles

In facing and overcoming obstacles you will always face the challenge:
When everything seems to be going against | Achieve your dreams

In the process of building your business and focusing to achieve your dreams:
Obstacles are those frightful things you see | Overcoming obstacles

As soon as you take that courageous step of starting your own business:
Thinking is the hardest work there is | Habits of successful people

A strong and disciplined mind is essential to being a great entrepreneur:
The only real mistake is the one from | Positive attitude

It is a positive attitude that will help you to view your mistakes:
One of the greatest discoveries a person | Achieve your dreams

What a truly joyful discovery! You CAN achieve your dreams:
It has been my observation that most people | Personal strengths

Important personal strengths for entrepreneurs is the ability to make productive:
Coming together is the beginning | Lesson learned in life

This is an extremely important lesson learned in life and one you can definitely take:
Most people spend more time and energy | Habits of successful people

One of the habits of successful people that will serve us well to take notice of:
If there is any one secret of success | Positive attitude

Engaging with people in a positive attitude involves the ability to see things:
The whole secret of a successful life | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose in life is so critical to your happiness and success in self-employment:
There is no man living who is not capable | Personal strengths

Identify your personal strengths and build on that deliberately. Too often we tend to focus:
Money is your hope for independence | Lessons learned in life

What a profound lesson learned in life by the great Henry Ford:
Life is a series of experiences | Never, never give up

It is remarkable that most great leaders and entrepreneurs agree on one thing:
A business that makes nothing but money | Self-employed success

Your self-employed success rely mainly on your ability to stay focused:
If you always do what you have always done | Attitude change

Such a simple yet powerful statement! Are you in need of an attitude change:
To do more for the world than the world | Inspirational thought

Henry Ford offers us a very profound inspirational thought… His definition of success:
Life is hard but so very beautiful | Positive attitude

Keep an enthusiastic and positive attitude at all times. You are fully in control:
Success is 99% failure | Never, never give up

This great leader and entrepreneur can make this statement with authority:
I have been driven many times | Overcoming obstacles

Even great leaders like Abraham Lincoln have been driven to the edge:
When I do good I feel good | Peace of mind

Peace of mind comes to you when you are completely at ease with your choices:
Believing everyone is dangerous | Lessons learned in life

This is one of the profound lessons learned in life:
The way for a young man to rise | Achieve your dreams

You need the youthful zeal of a young person to achieve your dreams:
Criticism may not be agreeable | Words of wisdom

Great words of wisdom from a truly great leader who only became successful:
Some people regard private enterprise | Inspirational thoughts

Churchill’s inspirational thoughts are so relevant to the space in which an entrepreneur:
Men occasionally stumble over the truth | Attitude change

To be truly successful you will need to change your attitude towards the feedback:
If you’re going through hell | Never, never give up

Be encouraged to never, never give up along the road to achieving your goals:
We must not lose our faculty to dare | Overcoming obstacles

How does your attitude towards overcoming obstacles impact your self-employment:
Success is not final, failure is not fatal | Positive attitude

A positive attitude will assist you in handling the pain of failure:
Every man should ask himself each day | Power of habit

For self-employed people it is extremely important to consider the power of habit:
This is the lesson never give in | Never, never give up

It is clear that ‘never, never give up’ should be the anthem of entrepreneurs:
All the greatest things are simple | Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose and unique vision for your life within a world:
Courage is rightly esteemed the first | Inspirational thoughts

Winston Churchill has shared many inspirational thoughts during the course of his career:
Success is the ability to go from one failure | Positive attitude

What a powerful quote on a positive attitude! You will always be faced by the temptation:
We have not journeyed across | Personal strengths

You have such great potential in you waiting to be unleashed and using your unique:
To improve is to change so to be perfect | Achieve your dreams

How important is the pursuit of excellence in the process of achieving your dreams:
The price of greatness is responsibility | Personal strengths

One of the personal strengths that will serve you well in your self-employment journey:
Attitude is a little thing that makes | Attitude change

When last have you have been challenged to have an attitude change:
To build may have to be the slow | Words of wisdom

These are such profound words of wisdom which remind us of the harsh reality:
Continuous effort not strength or | Never, never give up

If you resolve to never give up in your journey as a self-employed person:
It is not enough that we do our best | Lessons learned in life

Sometimes we simply have to make the sacrifice and do what is necessary to achieve:
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every | Habits of successful

One of the habits of successful people we’re reminded of in this quote:
You ask what is our aim | Never, never give up

In the context that Churchill made this statement, the practical implication:
Kites rise highest against the wind | Overcoming of obstacles

This powerful image reminds us that the effective overcoming of obstacles is often a matter:
Before you can inspire with emotion | Inspirational thoughts

What an inspirational thought by a great statesman! Churchill was not only responsible:
We make a living by what we get | Finding your purpose

Whether you are in the process of transitioning over to self-employment or are already:
Every day you may make progress | Achieve your dreams

As you steadily work towards achieving your dreams, you need to keep in mind:
The way for a young man to rise | Achieve your dreams

You need the youthful zeal of a young person to achieve your dreams:
Difficulties mastered are opportunities | Overcome obstacles

Your ability to overcome obstacles en-route to achieving your goals can change:
There is no time for ease and comfort | Attitude change

Apply a bold attitude change and take up the challenge:
All of the great empires of the future | Peace of mind

To have peace of mind as a business owner and to be fully in control:
Success always demands a greater | Self-employed success

Self-employed success will take every ounce of energy and effort you can muster:
It is not enough to have lived | Finding your purpose

The journey of finding your purpose is such an exciting one: