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Quotes are concentrated thoughts of wisdom that can assist self employed businesspeople on a daily basis on his lonely journey, working on his own, to achieve his dreams. We want to use the ability of the internet to communicate with you regularly to send you our uplifting quotes and the practical lesson for the self employed from each quote.

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  • Your journey to achieve your dreams will be and is a very lonely journey with many obstacles and unforeseen circumstances that will get into your way and may prevent you from achieving your dreams" href="/famous_quotes/to-improve-is-to-change-so-to-be-perfect/">achieving your dreams to live a really fulfilled life.
  • I want to give these lonely travellers daily inspiration with quotations from others that have travelled this lonely road before them and have been able to succeed. Learn from them.
  • My uplifting quotes will support you on this journey with daily inspirational ideas to motivate you to not surrender and “never never give up" href="/famous_quotes/this-is-the-lesson-never-give-in/">never give up” irrespective of the circumstance surrounding you.
  • We have even gone one step further in supporting you by adding a practical and unique lesson learned from each quote, it’s meaning and how it can help you to support you on your daily journey to success. This is a lesson to think about and apply in your business.
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